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Nowadays, The warehouse, forming the main artery of supply chain management should be managed in a most productive and correct way. ÇÖZÜM Yazılım suggests different warehouse management solutions (Axata/WM) to its customers aims to accelerate all operations according to their structure and operation volumes.
Compatibility of Windows 7

Axata/WM offers the flexibility, precision and the rapid deployment (speed) while simplifying the implementation of complex warehousing applications covers from various sectors such as Automotive, Retail, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Chemicals, Electronics, Packaging as well as

Axata/WM Warehouse Management System is a dynamic system designed for managing all operations that can take place in a warehouse efficiently. The system is capable of real time tracking and managing all physical movements and state of the stocks within the warehouse. It presents error free, paperless operation in minimum time and minimum resources.>

Axata/WM manages all operations by means of computers and directs, controls and records every single movement. The system uses ADC technologies at each step of the processes in order to minimize human effort and errors. The interaction between the warehouse staff and system are provided by RF (Radio Frequency) HHT, forklift terminals, and PC clients. >

Benefits of the system can be summarized as follows:

  • Fast and efficient; Receiving, Putaway and Order Picking in order to reduce personnel costs.
  • Accurate inventory.
  • FIFO, FEFO management (including individual customer base) and lot control for enhanced customer service.
  • More efficient warehouse space utilization reduces capital costs.
  • Enhanced cycle counting algorithms for fast and accurate counting.
  • Paper free, bar coded transactions for all functions in order to increase accuracy.
  • Concise reports of current and historical activities for improved decision making.
  • Warehouse performance reports and analysis.
  • Traceability and Monitoring.
  • Event logging for all transactions.
  • Flexible, on-line ERP connectivity enhances your existing host applications.

Operational Concepts

axata/WM, her türlü depolama ve dağıtım operasyonlarını destekler. Giriş lojistiği malzeme akış fonksiyonları; Ön kabul, Kabul, Çapraz Sevkiyat (Cross Dock) ve Yerleştirmedir. Çıkış Lojistiği malzeme akış fonksiyonlarıİ Sipariş İşleme, Besleme/İkmal, Toplama, Paketleme ve Sevkiyattır. Bu işlemler ile birlikte ihtiyaç duyulan depo yönetim görevleri olan Stok Yönetimi, Performans Yönetimi, Kaynak Yönetimi vb. gerçekleştirilir. Bu işlemler için aşağıda belirtilen temel kavramlar axata/WM tarafından kullanılır.

Palet Etiketi - Palet Etiketleri malzemelerin yığın olarak muhafaza edildiği; palet, konteyner, kutu, varil vb. taşıma ve muhafaza amaçlı nesneler üzerine takılan/yapıştırılan barkodlu etiketlerdir. Hazırlanan etiket üzerindeki barkodlu referans kodu ile depo içi işlemleri ile ilgili olarak; malzeme kodu, lot, miktar, birim, durumu ve adres vs. bilgileri ile ilişkilendirilir.

Axata/WM provides state-of-the-art support for all warehouse and distribution system operations. The inbound material flow functions of pre-receiving, receiving, cross-docking and putaway. The outbound material flow functions of Order Processing, Replenishment, Picking, Packing, and Shipping, as well as the necessary warehouse management tasks such as inventory management, productivity measurement etc. Axata/WM highlighted functions are briefly summarized in the following paragraphs:

Pallet Labels - Pallet Labels are barcode labels affixed to transport devices such as pallets, trays, containers, or trailers for the purpose of conveying products in a bundled fashion. Information associated with a particular label in the warehouse may include item and lot codes, quantity, unit of measure, location, status, etc.

Lot Tracking - Axata/WM provides lot tracking from receiving, through shipment allowing for efficient product isolation and recall.

Serial Number Tracking - Axata/WM assists in tracking serial numbered products for the purpose of recall, maintaining warranty information.

Zoned Random Storage - Each physical location is assigned a unique address. Locations are arranged into "Zones" allowing flexible rules based overflow from one zone to the next. SKU’s will be randomly directed to a location with an assigned zone.

Cross Dock - Axata/WM supports the capability to cross-dock received material directly to the outbound shipping area without having to store the material in the warehouse.

Computer Directed Put Away - Axata/WM has various methods for determining the "best" available location that can be setup by warehouse, SKU, or other parameters.

FIFO Enforcement - Axata/WM can provide FIFO/FEFO enforcement for efficient stock rotation by defined parameters.

Security - An integrated Login Procedure (user id and password) is provided for both RF devices and PC Clients. User can use only the authorized operations designated by the Administrator.

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